11 Cinematic Universes That Aren’t Marvel

In the 2010s, Marvel proved that crafting a cinematic universe across numerous films can pay off. The collection as a whole has gained a lot more than $22.5 billion internationally, making it the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time. But it wasn’t the first instance of a shared movie universe. Due to the fact the early times of cinema, filmmakers have been discovering intelligent strategies to join their movies. The cinematic universes outlined beneath may perhaps not be as noticeable or ambitious as the MCU, but they will give you a little something new to glimpse for when revisiting traditional movies.

1. Quentin Tarantino Motion pictures

Quentin Tarantino’s unique composing and directing style are not the only points that tie his films collectively. In 2016, the filmmaker said that his flicks are all set inside of a shared universe. The link amongst some films is apparent: Pulp Fiction (1994) and Reservoir Dogs (1992) both feature figures with the very last identify Vega, and they’re intended to be brothers. Points get extra complex when on the lookout at From Dusk Until Dawn (1996) and Get rid of Monthly bill Vols. 1 (2003) & 2 (2004). According to Tarantino, these heightened stories really exist as films in his greater cinematic universe. He told The Job: “So fundamentally when the figures of Reservoir Canines or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the motion pictures, Kill Invoice is what they go to see. From Dusk Until Dawn is what they see.”

2. Common Monster Movies

Horror icons like Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolf Gentleman are all strongly related with the Universal brand, and an argument can be built for their films using place in the similar universe. Pursuing a long time of results with its monster movies, the studio started making crossovers, starting off with Frankenstein Satisfies the Wolf Guy in 1943. Residence of Frankenstein expanded the universe even even further to incorporate Dracula. Boris Karloff returned for this picture, but he played a mad scientist in its place of Frankenstein’s monster. Universal tried using to revive the first cinematic universe with The Mummy reboot in 2017, but its new “dark universe” swiftly fizzled out.

3. E.T. & Star Wars


Star Wars (1977) usually takes put a extended time ago in a galaxy significantly absent, and E.T. (1982) is established in 1980s suburbia, but the two films are related. Hollywood heavyweights and longtime good friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas snuck references to each other’s science fiction blockbusters into their films. In E.T., the lovable little alien acknowledges a kid dressed up in a Yoda costume as a good friend from back property. Lucas verified that Yoda and E.T.’s species arrive from the same corner of the universe in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999). For a minute in the movie, a team of aliens that bear a placing resemblance to E.T. can be witnessed in a senate conference.

4. Pixar Movies

Pixar is infamous for sneaking Easter eggs into its animated movies. Toy Story’s (1995) Pizza Planet truck has created a cameo in each individual Pixar movie—even the kinds that deficiency human characters and modern technology—and the movie’s toys look in bedrooms in Up (2009) and Monster’s Inc. (2001). Some lovers have taken these references as evidence that the studio’s overall filmography is linked. The most common Pixar shared universe idea arrives from author Jon Negroni. He states that the magic in Brave (2009) is what manufactured the talking toys and animals attainable in later Pixar films. This version of the timeline ends with the monsters in Monsters, Inc. evolving on the apocalyptic Earth depicted in WALL-E (2009). The theory does not account for the studio’s far more modern films, nonetheless, and filmmakers who function there have stated it should not be taken too critically.

5. Stephen King Flicks

The Stephen King shared universe originated with the horror author’s novels. His characters from time to time reference situations that took spot in his previously publications, and his The Dark Tower series introduces a multiverse of King characters current throughout diverse dimensions. This by means of line has carried over into the lots of film adaptations of his work: Recurring characters and settings in King movies incorporate Randall Flagg, Castle Rock, and Derry.

6. Spy Little ones & Machete

Nevertheless they are manufactured for incredibly unique demographics, Spy Children (2001) and Machete (2013) have a lot in popular. Both of those sequence have been directed by Robert Rodriguez, and they both of those feature a character nicknamed Machete performed by Danny Trejo. In Machete, Danny Trejo is a previous Mexican federale out for revenge, and in Spy Youngsters he performs Juni and Carmen’s gadget shop-owning uncle. Although Rodriguez has stated that the link among the two franchises is unfastened, Trejo when stated Machete displays, “what Uncle Machete does when he’s not using care of the little ones.”

7. Ghostbusters & Casper

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=o94LScznlmY

The starting of Casper (1998) contains a montage of figures striving to rid Whipstaff Manor of its pesky spirits. At a person issue, Dan Aykroyd reprises his position as Ray Stantz to make a cameo. Following fleeing the haunted property, the defeated Ghostbuster states, “Who you gonna call? Another person else.” Now we just will need Casper to show up in Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) to solidify the cinematic connection.

8. Investing Areas & Coming to The usa

5 decades soon after the launch of Investing Spots (1983), Eddie Murphy and director John Landis teamed up again to make Coming to America (1988). Murphy plays an African prince alternatively of a very poor con artist in this film, but a cameo from two figures implies the two motion pictures choose put in the exact universe. At a person point in Coming to America, Prince Akeem gives a wad of dollars to two homeless adult males. These males are played by the exact actors who portrayed wealthy investment decision brokers in Buying and selling Locations, and their dialogue signifies they’re meant to be the very same characters as perfectly. Why they really don’t discover the prince’s resemblance to the guy who bankrupted them isn’t defined.

9. Piranha & Jaws


Following starting as a Jaws (1975) ripoff in the 1970s, the Piranha franchise came complete circle with the launch of Piranha 3D in 2010. It options Richard Dreyfuss enjoying an oceanographer named Matt—which must seem familiar to everyone who remembers the actor’s overall performance in Jaws. The cameo can be taken as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the series’ inspiration or proof of a maneating-fish cinematic universe.

10. Scream & Kevin Smith Films

The connection in between Scream and Kevin Smith videos commenced with the unique Scream film in 1996, which capabilities a shot of Clerks (1994) on VHS. Not only does the motion picture exist in just the Scream universe, but its figures Jay and Silent Bob somehow do as well. They make a transient cameo in 2000’s Scream 3. This indicates the existence of a cinematic universe connecting not only Clerks and Scream, but each and every Kevin Smith movie Jay and Silent Bob have appeared in.

11. Alien & Blade Runner

Ridley Scott directed two of the finest science fiction movies of all time: 1979’s Alien and 1982’s Blade Runner. According to a single enthusiast idea, both equally motion pictures just take put in the same gritty long term featuring advanced artificial intelligence and insidious firms. Shared themes and aesthetics are not plenty of to make a cinematic universe, but there is a single solid piece of evidence in the theory’s favor. The 20th anniversary-version DVD of Alien involves an further titled “Nostromo Dossier,” which references Alien’s Dallas accepting payment from Blade Runner’s Tyrell Company.

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