Quantum Physics and Its Connection to Our Self Esteem – Part 5

Low self esteem and lack of confidence are negative emotions and sabotage positive manifestation process. Anyone suffering these afflictions focus on what is wrong with life rather than what is right or good about life. They cannot understand why their life attracts so much misery and believe that by feeling sorry for themselves the universe will feel sorry for them.

They spend all their time in self pity in a vain hope that the universe will change their circumstances and bring about a miraculous cure for their unhappiness. They begin to believe “this is my lot in life and I may as well settle for less” they say to themselves “I’m not good enough” and in doing so nothing ever changers and the cycle continues.

Only you can change your circumstances and your unhappiness and it starts from within. As we have seen the universe, using sub atomic particles assembles for you what you want whether you consciously want it or not and gives it to you in abundance. It will create the world around you create in your mind and will continue to do so until told differently.

If you suffer from a lack of confidence or low self esteem ask yourself “What thoughts am I thinking that would manifest this misery into reality. Be conscious of your thoughts and use your feelings as indicators. If you feel bad then it is telling you not to go there. If you feel good then it is telling you this is path you should take. Trust yourself! The universe has given us the tools to guide us through life and the means to get whatever we want.

Don’t stress if you fail or it doesn’t happen as quickly or as you want it, the universe will give you exactly what you need to move forward even if it looks like a step backwards. The natural process of life is more life and it is against the forces of nature to diminish life. Every time you think you are going backwards you are in fact moving forward all you need to do is learn from your mistakes and try again.

Observe your life as if you are in the audience rather than the main character of a movie. View your mistakes and look for solutions to correct them. As the word says they are only miss-takes in a movie, they may be annoying at the time but all we need to do is rerun the scene and then move on to the next one. Your life is a movie in your mind, make it a happy movie. Make it a ‘Smash Hit’ and it will be so.

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