When shopping for a new laptop, look at how substantially performance you’ll want

Q: I’m looking at acquiring a new notebook and have two queries. First, which manufacturer(s) do you take into consideration the ideal top quality? I’m leaning towards a Dell. Secondly, pertaining to the CPU, I’m seeking to come to a decision between Intel i5 and i7. I am an average consumer and really don’t do any high-conclusion gaming. What is the big difference between these two?

David Charles

A: The significant makes are all pretty comparable and I’d experience very relaxed with any of them. Of bigger value is how you like the look and truly feel of specific designs. Following all, you’re probably to shelling out really a chunk of your waking time touching and wanting at whichever product you select. And certainly, there are differences — screen sizing and resolution, keyboard tactile reaction, and many others. So I normally advise that people today get hands-on just before buying.

As for processors, as you could possibly suspect there are distinctions in effectiveness. If you’re just undertaking electronic mail, world wide web searching and streaming movies, an i5 processor must be good sufficient. But if you’re gaming, editing video clips, or other processor-intense chores you’d want to transfer to an i7 or i9 processor. And indeed, as you transfer up the scale, the rates go up along with the functionality.

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Q: After looking through your suggestion for Browser Guard in your report now in the Instances, I went on line to download the Browser Guard app. This message arrived up:

Browser Guard is endorsed as a great software that guards your browser in opposition to threats. Having said that, all through installation of stated system, other bunch of unwelcome application might also get inside of the pc. It is noticed that Browser Guard are spreading destructive computer software or PUP.”

Do you however recommend this plan?

Paula Cramer

A: Soon after receiving your electronic mail I located that there is an additional plan on the sector known as Browser Guard and, yes, some web sites have tagged it as being the source unwelcome program downloads. The text you despatched me is from Malwarefixes.com, and it does not identify the maker of the Browser Guard they analyzed. (I’d also be cautious about accepting information from sites that display poor grammar.)

That Browser Guard application is NOT from Malwarebytes. The Malwarebytes Browser Guard browser extension does not put in unwelcome software. So just make certain that you’re setting up the Malwarebytes Browser Guard add-on to your browser fairly than downloading any plan.

Certainly, I even now recommend the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension for Firefox.

Q: I just ordered the latest Microsoft Floor Go 2 for use absent from my protected individual household router. A Microsoft agent advised me for the duration of my purchase that Home windows 10’s security characteristics imply I will not need a digital private community when browsing on public Wi-Fi in airports, coffee stores and the like and when accessing my Outlook accounts. (I will also be working Malwarebytes.) Is this accurate? If frequently correct, to be safest, should I stay clear of logging on to economical accounts?

Michael Winkelhorst

A: I believe there should have been a misunderstanding on just one end or the other. Except the Surface area Go 2 offered a crafted-in, usually-on VPN I would most definitely propose installing a VPN for accessing the online above general public Wi-Fi, specially if you are sending or obtaining sensitive information, these as passwords and banking transactions.

I could not find anything at all in Microsoft statements or advertising and marketing about not recommending a VPN when working with public Wi-Fi. And, in reality, Microsoft delivers specific guidance for how to established up a VPN for its equipment.

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